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One of the benefits of cell unlocked phones  is you don’t have to be restricted to a long term cellular contract. A lot of people are joining the unlocked cell phone revolution. You get to enjoy the freedom that was only a dream a few years back. Cell Unlocked is committed to giving you the best information about unlocked cell phones and keep you up to date with what is going on in this ever changing world of cell phone technology.

Here are some issues you may want to consider before buying a cell unlocked phone. If you do a lot of traveling internationally, then you should take note of these facts. Countries over seas use different operating frequencies that are not the same as we use here in the usa. Because of this…..if you do not buy what is called a quad band phone, It may not work in a lot of the countries overseas. This is important cause many of the countries that are not usa countries will have different frequency outputs that a tri band cell phone from the Usa will not work on. Most of the unlocked phones you find on the Internet will be tri band phones which do not work well internationally. Some online sale stores will let you know if the phone is internationally capable but some may not, so if you travel abroad a lot, make sure you are getting an unlocked cell phone that is a quad band phone

Another issue you should consider when buying unlocked cell phonesis being able to access  email from your cell phone as well as getting on the Internet all together. It is advisable to try and avoid unlocked cell phones from China because they often will not work on a local web or wifi connection unless it is specified by the particular unlocked phone. There are also other international cell phones that won’t let you access the Internet like the Shine (ke970), so make sure you check into these features before buying a cell unlocked phone from companies such as these.

Many people wonder if you can use an unlocked phone with a pay as you go planand the answer for the majority of these type of phones is yes. There are a few exceptions but for the most of the unlocked phones you will find, all you have to do is insert your Sim card and you are good to go

Pricing is another thing you will have to consider because when buying an unlocked phone there is no chance of getting a plan discount like you would with a contract phone, but the good thing is you can get some pretty good deals on international unlocked phones. Be aware that a lot of the international cell phones do not come with a warranty, but there are a few that do, so make sure you are aware of these possibilities if you decide to buy a international unlocked cell phone.

To recap there are all types of unlocked cell phones on the market from IPhone, the droid, at and t , t mobile, verizon and so on,and you can find some good info on here to get the best deals on whole sale, cheap, wireless phones. If you are purchasing a unlocked phone that you will be using abroad, make sure it is a quad band. If you like surfacing the web or sending emails, make sure the unlocked version of the the phone is capable of doing this…in most cases the details will be listed in the specs on the sales page, but if not just ask someone through email or with a phone call to the website administrator.

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Where can I buy cheap unlocked cell phones?

(that is more reliable than ebay – i’ve been scammed before :( )

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Where can i buy unlocked cell phones?

I want to know if anyone can tell me a good place to buy cheap unlocked cell phones. Thank you

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What is the best website to buy unlocked cell phones?

Can someone please help me telling me the best websites to fin cheap and unlocked cell phones?? Thanks in advance!

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Where is the best place to buy a cheap used unlocked cell phone in Paris?

I want to have a cell phone while there without spending a lot by buying a SIM card there too. Also, does anyone know which carriers offer free incoming texts and calls?
thank you so much! although I don’t think I want to be caught with stolen merchandise, Quentin . . . haha thanks though!
this question is still open to any other suggestions you guys may have!

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Nokia 5200 Tri Band Unlocked GSM Cell Phone

Visit for complete specs, pricing, and availability on the Nokia 5200 Tri Band Unlocked GSM Cell Phone. Sporting a cool and fresh design, the Nokia 5200 GSM cellphone boasts street-smart looks, a compact size and plenty of opportunities for fun and productivity. This versatile tri-band (GSM 900/1800/1900) features a VGA camera with 4x digital zoom, camcorder and video player, stereo FM radio and the convenience of wireless Bluetooth connectivity. The Nokia 5200 supports video and MP3 ringing tones, True tones, and 64 polyphonic MIDI ringing, alert and gaming tones. Its wealth of Personal information Management features include alarm clock, reminders, stopwatch, calculator, calendar and notes. Hotswap microSD memory card is included. Whether you’re at work or play, you’ll always be at the top of your game with the Nokia 5200. For more Information View:

T8920 Quad Band Dual SIM Unlocked Cell Phone With Analog TV And 3.0 inch Touch Screen Quick Overview Want to buy a mobile phone with high definition camera? It will meet you taste. Cool T8920 is with 2.0 MP digital stretchable cameras facilitating your taking high quality pictures. 3.0 inch high definition touch screen with simple button design add the nobleness to this cell phone.

If I buy an unlocked cell phone, can I convert it to any provider by making a reflash?

Can I convert it to a CDMA or GSM network only with an easy reflash?

I’M asking because I lost my phone and I want to buy another one. I saw some cheaper that are unlocked. I know how to relfash a phone so if I can do so, it would be less costly for me than buying a new one directly from the provider.

How can I know if the unlocked phone is suitable for GSM or CDMA?

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